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Welcome to Ashleigh’s testimonials page! Here you can read what Ashleigh’s clients have to say about her dietician services. Ashleigh has helped countless individuals work towards their health and wellness goals, and many of her clients have seen results. Read on to learn more about how Ashleigh has made a difference in their lives

L. Dube

 booked a virtual consultation with Ashleigh for my mum who is very sick. She took the time prior to the session to understand her ailments, the medication she was currently on, her current diet, the food accessible to her as well as the food she enjoyed to give a very thorough assessments as well as recommendations. Not only did she suggest changes in the food but also the time in which to eat the food and supplements that can be taken to cater for food she had limited access to. After the consultation we received a pdf with all the information we spoke of, a list of foods my mum can consume and their benefits, as well as a 5 day meal plan with delicious foods to try. Very happy with the consultation was more than we had expected!

Thami M

Ashleigh is absolutely amazing, her approach to a healthy lifestyle is the best.
I had bad eating habits and she talked and walked me through a healthy option which I love.
She encouraged me to not focus on weight loss, since Im at a good weight, but on living and eating healthy and consequently I will be at a healthy weight.
I had few health issues before which I don't have anymore since seeing her.

Angelique J

I struggled with weight fluctuation for a long time. I was a little overweight for my height. Blaming it on laziness, a little depression, overworking - 9-5 and studying. Every excuse I could think of. I came across her on Discovery website but there were so many dieticians to chose from. I’m so happy I went with Ashleigh! After paying for personal trainers and meals plans this was my last option. Ashleigh didn’t give me dry chicken, egg whites and broccoli to eat all day but listened to food that I enjoyed and altered it a bit. I am not yet where I wanna be but I am one step closer. Laziness can become an addiction that can affect more areas of your life than you realize. Thank you Ashleigh!~ Angelique J

R. Daniel

If you need help with weight loss and you need someone to guide you with care and kindness Ashleigh is the one. After failing at all other attempts I finally ended up with Ashleigh and for the first time I have hope again that I can do this. She teaches you that it’s not just about the eating plan but also one’s relationship with food. Thanks Ashleigh for changing my life and helping me to build confidence in myself again

Dr. Michael S

Ashleigh is a true professional who takes exceptional care of her patients.
It is a pleasure to have someone so expert to refer my patients to for their dietary/nutritional medical care

B Ncogobo

Ashleigh is definitely the dietitian to go to. She's available for Zoom or Google Meet consultations and is also available on whatsapp should you need advice. She's there to support you in your weight loss journey, so she empowers you to take charge of your eating by being flexible and a great, but honest cheerleader.~B Ncogobo


 I am a Biokineticist in private practice. I am lucky enough to have Ashleigh around the corner. I refer patients to her on a regular basis. The feedback would always be that Ashleigh’s years of experience is evident, that she has a passion for her job and that she is extremely professional. I can highly recommend Ashleigh


Ashleigh thank you so much for putting together such an interesting and tasty meal plan for really break the mould of boring diet food. I'm loving the easy recipes and learning so much about food in the process. My heartburn is gone, my sugar levels stabilised and I am feeling really good. I highly recommend Ashleigh to anyone who is looking to improve their eating habits.

~ Claudia C

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