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I am thrilled that you have found this page! It is here that I share my almost 20 years of nutrition knowledge as a dietitian in private practice. Dive deep into some fascinating courses that are both informative and practical. My courses can also be used as guides and are designed for anyone interested in expanding their nutrition knowledge. 

My courses are all certified and you will receive a certificate of completion after the course. 


My name is Ashleigh Caradas

I bring nearly two decades of experience as a registered dietitian in private practice to my course page. My mission is to equip you with practical, evidence-based learning materials that will not only expand your personal knowledge but also propel your wellness career to new heights

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Online Courses


I really enjoyed the Gut Health course. It is easy to follow and jam packed with everything you need to get a holistic overview of what gut biome is, probiotics and prebiotics, gut disorders and even a gut reset diet. It really helped me piece together all the bits of information I have heard of lately to get a greater understanding of how things work. Thank you Ashleigh!

~ Juliet H

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