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"Good health gives you that extra freedom and energy to embrace all that life has to offer!"


About Ashleigh Caradas ~
Registered Dietitian

Ashleigh Caradas is a dietitian with more than 18 years experience in private practice. She believes that nutrition is one of the foundations of good health and can be applied to almost any ailment or condition. She strives to clear up diet misconceptions and to create a tailor-made experience for her clients. As a certified health care professional, Ashleigh has the expertise to help

you achieve your health goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

With a focus on evidence-based nutrition, Ashleigh provides personalised nutrition plans and guidance to support your health journey.

Click here to learn more about Ashleigh and her approach

to nutrition and wellness.

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Consult with Ashleigh remotely
from anywhere in South Africa

or consult with her at her centrally located

practice in 
Parktown North,


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Ashleigh thank you so much for putting together such an interesting and tasty meal plan for really break the mould of boring diet food. I'm loving the easy recipes and learning so much about food in the process. My heartburn is gone, my sugar levels stabilised and I am feeling really good. I highly recommend Ashleigh to anyone who is looking to improve their eating habits.

~ Claudia C


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