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New Year, New Me?

The thought of a new year might come with feelings of wanting to start over fresh. While this is a nice sentiment, these so-called new year’s resolutions can put us under pressure to make changes we are not ready for. Making drastic changes in January, and then slipping up by February is not going to elicit major change in your health. So, what should we do?

The new year has begun and you have probably already been bombarded with all sorts of tempting dietary information prompting you to start fasting, or something like Veganuary or a dry January, for example. You might have been toying with the idea of veganism or sobriety and you think that a new year is the time to start. You might have slacked on your physical activity and feel like you need to dive into Cross Fit or Yoga. You might feel like a failure for not having started anything yet. By all means, if it’s what you want, go ahead and start. But there is no reason to feel pressurised into making drastic changes. Why not start with cutting down on something, adding 2 vegan meals a week and drinking only on weekends?

This is just a gentle reminder that you did not need to feel pressure to be the best version of yourself as the clock struck 12 and you do not need to feel any additional guilt for it. Give yourself some time, and some space to think about the changes you want to make and take realistic, baby steps.

Of course, don't stagnate. But don't false start either or you lose the whole point of lifestyle change. It is supposed to be for the long haul, so go at a pace that suites you.

Happy New You! Every Day!


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