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Gut Health Reset

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Gut Health Course


With almost 20 years experience as a dietitian in private practice, I have witnessed the prevalence of gut-related issues among my patients. Surprisingly, even as someone who prides myself on maintaining a healthy diet, I have personally struggled with ongoing digestive challenges. However, my own journey of exploration and discovery into the captivating realm of gut health has allowed me to not only address my own gut issues but also to better assist others on their path to wellness. It really is about finding the root cause! Healing your gut can help heal a lot of other issues from inflammation, to immune dysfunction, to mood and more! In the course or guide, you will embark on a journey into uncovering and discovering many aspects of gut function, the gut microbiome, common gut disorders and learn how to identify and treat them. You will also learn how to trouble-shoot so that you can really get to the root cause! This course is for people who want to help health their own gut issues but also for fellow health professionals that want to expend their knowledge. Topics included in this course: • The Human Digestive System • Prebiotics and Probiotics • The Gut-Brain Axis • Addressing Gut Dysfunction • Gut Investigations and Tests • Gut Health Supplements • Gut Health Resources • 10-Day Gut Health Reset (50 recipes) Certificate included upon completion! I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

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